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Books, VHS, DVDs

Welcome!Gyroplanes are fun, exciting and safe. Take an introductory lesson this weekend !




The following include gyroplanes or helicopters:




Major Motion Pictures:


Max Max II " The Road Warrior "  

                   A brock/bensen style craft gets to play a major role.



James Bond 007 " You only Live Twice "

"Little Nellie" a gyro actually flown and created by Ken Wallis plays a major role.


The Rocketeer

Brief shot of autogyro flown by Howard Hughes as he saves the day.


International House

W.C. Fields.

International House

International House, Fields crash-lands his autogyro plane, called the "Spirit of Brooklyn," into the middle of a swank party being held in Wuhu, China.


Shirley Temple,  (Title, Unknown)

Autogiro lands on white house lawn.


"It happened one night" =1934  w/ Claudette Colbert



"Annie", Daddy Warbucks flys a Pitcairn Autogyro

Annie (Special Anniversary Edition)




Hard Hunted (Andy Sidaris)

The sleek gyrocopter has a major role in this movie. The acting and plot are terrible.


The Great Skycopter Rescue

A true B-Movie, but some great flying footage. Go bar-hoppin in your gyro!




Pippi Longstocking - autogyro featured in the early-80s movie and a portrayal of the pilots who fly them as slightly eccentric.

Click Image to Enlarge





"Between Time and Timbuktu" by Kurt Vonnegut (Bensens and 18A)







IMax Straight UP

IMAX - Straight Up: Helicopters in Action

Begins with stunning autogyro flight over a river.

Acclaimed actor Martin Sheen narrates this high-flying adventure documentary present in the IMAX film format. STRAIGHT UP follows real life of the many helicopter crews and the underrated roles they play in everyday society. Included are segments on drug busts, reconnaissance missions, humanitarian aid, and electrical high voltage repair.

History Channel

            Secret Weapons of WWII, The Japanese

            From Tactical to Practical

                        Helicopter Episode, Dan Donnelly footage.

                        Experimental Aircraft Episode, Sparrow Hawk and GBA footage

            Ken Wallis, Bio

            History of the Rotorcraft

Discovery Wings Channel

            Helicopter History, has short autogiro footage.




The Rug Rats - Atlantis - Submarine gyros.



on Gyroplanes, Autogiros, Autogyros and Gyrocopters


Books by Paul Abbot

Homepage: https://www.abbottcompany.com/

The gyroplane flight manual.

Excellent, book. If you get no other Abbot book get this one. Good for beginners though old salts.

Gyroplane Flight Manual

How to license a Homebuilt Aircraft.

Fantastic book for anyone building there own aircraft of any kind.

How to License

Understanding the Gyroplane by Paul Abbot, ( see www.abbottcompany.com for info ) More detail for the beginning designers and technical fans.

Understanding the Gyroplane   


From Autogiro to Gyroplane by Bruce H. Charnov

The first and only history of the autogyro and gyroplane. A must have for any rotorcraft aviation fan. Well written and researched.


A Dream of Flight by Dr. Igor B Bensen

I have yet to read this book. ( see www.abbottcompany.com for info )

by Igor Bensen


Rotorcraft Flying Handbook by the FAA

Excellent book, a must have for any rotorcraft pilot. Covers both helicopters and gyroplanes.

FAA Rotorcraft Handbook ( the version you buy is easier to read then this download)

Rotorcraft Handbook Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format



Books by Martin Hollmann

Modern Gyroplane Design and Flying the Gyroplane.






"The story of the Windmill Plane" by George Tompson


------  No Picture Yet ---------


"Born Free, My Life in Gyrocopters"  by Marion Springer

Thank you for your interest in my book, Born Free - My Life In Gyrocopters '.
To purchase a copy just send a check or money order in the amount of $23.95 (19.95 for the book + 4.00 S/H), payable to :

HCR 10 BOX 234
ADELANTO CA 92301-9210

Be sure to include your complete address and the book will be mailed to you right away .

My phone number in case you need it is ,
760-388-4002 but email is much easier for me because of my poor hearing .
Thanks again . Marion Springer

P.S. Please indicate if you would like the book signed .

THE LIVES OF KEN WALLIS – Engineer And Aviator Extraordinaire, by Ian Hancock.


Payment must be by sterling cheque payable to The Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum.  No credit/debit c

 Designer and builder of motorcycles, speed boats, sports cars and autogyros.  Engineer, inventor, marksman, armaments expert, model maker, photographer, WWII RAF bomber pilot, RB-36 pilot with Strategic Air Command, James Bond film “double” in “You Only Live Twice” flying “Little Nellie” .…and much more!    Ken has set a total of 34 World Records in two classes of autogyros since 1968 and is President of the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum; Ian Hancock is the Chairman.

 ISBN 0954123921   Enlarged Third Edition.  Softback with 220 pages and over 100 photographs/illustrations.  £7.95 unsigned, £10 signed by Ken and author, plus UK postage £1.60.

No credit card facilities.  Overseas sales only by prior arrangement with the Museum owing to airmail postage costs and high bank charges to convert foreign currencies.


Send order with payment to:-


Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum

The Street



NR35 1NZ




"Theodore?" a dinosaur movie made for TV with Whoppie Goldberg (Bensen style gyro)

"Martian Chronicles" Ray Bradburys. Made for TV. Wallis

An episode of "I dream of Genie" -- Ken Brock flew

An episode of "A team"

An episode of "VIP" a Pam Anderson action show



"I'll buy that dream" Forrest & Hayes




Also check out: The British Rotorcraft Assoc book store https://www.tonywilk.co.uk/bra/books.htm

Also check out: Aircraft Designs : https://www.aircraftdesigns.com/books.html

Also Check out: Out of Print Books:  https://www.aeroplanebooks.com/




Gyroplane Magazines:

Rotorcraft , Popular Rotorcraft Association magazine.  ( www.pra.org )


Homebuilt Rotorcraft
RFI Publishing Group
5555 Zuni S.E., Suite 281
Albuquerque, NM 87108

(505) 323-8455




2004 - 12 December - Gyroplanes for Ultralights & Sport Pilots.pdf





Video Games with Gyroplanes


XBOX - Crimson Skys,  In this unrealistic flight model game, a gyroplane is a key aircraft to acquire in the solo game. There is a outlaw gang of gyro pilot pirates that you have to steal a gyro from.

XBOX - Wallis and Grommet


Playstation - Pilotwings


Books on Helicopters


Excellent autobiography of a Air Cav pilot from basic training through the end of the war. by Robert Mason



Helicopter Movies, Shows


A nearly complete list of Helicopter movies and shows can be found here:




Non-Avation Magazines with Rotorcraft Articles:






An Adobe Acrobat flyer Introduction to Gyroplanes is HERE


The J2 Gyroplane Manual (pdf)


Short Hops, Learning to fly GyroplanesShort Hops











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