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Welcome!Gyroplanes are fun, exciting and safe. Take an introductory lesson this weekend !



Please Upload your files here:



username: rotorpilot

password: Rotor34

NOTE: If you get a blank page after you click on the FTP link above just click the REFRESH button on your browser and you will be prompted for username and password.

Login name and pass are CaSe sEnSiTivE

Submissions of rotorcraft related files, pictures and videos are welcome.

No adult material or viruses please....

If you would like to download or upload videos often you may wish to download a FREE FTP client. Here is a link to one:

Coffee Cup ( easy but annoying ads )



FTP Commander ( Best, more complex )


These files can also be downloaded from within the PRA 34 FTP site.




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"Rotors... The only way to fly"

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