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Welcome!Gyroplanes are fun, exciting and safe. Take an introductory lesson this weekend !




You will need the Adobe Acrobat plug-in to view these files:


2004 - 12 December - Gyroplanes for Ultralights & Sport Pilots.pdf








Rotax 447 electrical Info

Rotax 447 Manual

How-To Build your own AirStrip

GAS Quality

German VSTOL History

French VSTOL History

Short VSTOL History

Aircraft Repairman Cert

2-Stroke Oils for Rotax

Application for Airworthiness Cert

Vertex Standard Pro-V VXA 150 Handheld Radio Manual

Subaru EJ-22 Engine Manual 1/2

Subaru EJ-22 Engine Manual 2/2

Subaru Engine Chart

EJ-22 Overhaul Procedures

Timing Belt Removal (EJ-22)

HLA notice (EJ-22)

Engine Repair Info (EJ-22)

Rotorcraft Handbook Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format

An Adobe Acrobat flyer Introduction to Gyroplanes his HERE


The J2 Gyroplane Manual (pdf)




Redrive Info:

Crossflow EJ-22 Redrive Info (PSRU)


Aircraft Headphone and Mike Wiring Info

Aircraft PTT Switch Info

Chicken Hawk Promo Chapters 1 through 4 ( a great book on learning to fly helis in Vietnam )

JPG format

Ohio Sectional Map ( .jpg format ) Right click to download


You will need Microsoft Word to be able to read these files

Women vs. Aircraft


Pre-Flight Checklist for Gyros

Club Flyer and Intro to gyro info


You will need Microsoft Excel to be able to read these files

Rotor Perfomance


Center of Gravity


You will need Adobe Pagemaker to be able to read these files (zipped)

Would you like to know about Gyroplanes ( flyer )


You will need Microsoft Publisher to be able to read these files

Gyroplane Flyer


You will need Microsoft Power Point or Power Point Reader to view these files

Introduction to Gyroplanes by Tim O


Ken Brock Info

Ken Brock Article

In Memory of Ken Brock

Liability Release and Check List

For Sale of High Thrust Line Gyroplane

Microsoft Word Format (.doc)

Adobe Acrobat Format (.pdf)


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Although you 'can' download files with Microsoft Explorer, we recommend using special FTP software called an "FTP Client"



Here are a few selections of what can be found on the FTP server:


To download :

1. Right Click on the Link

2. Choose Save Target As

3. Save the movie to your hard drive.

John Stevens Movie

The Butterfly Ultralight Gyro

Monarch Gyroplane with Carter Struts.

Choppy test video of TimO flying in the winter

The Gyrhino


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