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Welcome!Gyroplanes are fun, exciting and safe. Take an introductory lesson this weekend !



Photo Gallery PRA Chapter 34 Events

Photo Gallery PRA National Meet Mentone 2003

Photo Gallery Club Member Machines and Friends Machines

Misc Photos  TimO's flying photos

Bensen Days 2004 Tim O's Photos 1 of 3

Bensen Days 2004 Tim O's Photos 2 of 3

Bensen Days 2004 Sue G's Photos 3 of 3

GyroBee Ron's meticulously crafted scratch built ultralight

Mark's Brantly Helicopter and flying photos.


Mark Works (Helicopter Student) takes his first Gyroplane ride with instructor Gary Goldsberry.

New England Air Museum, Field Trip

Popular Mechanics Article (one of) about Giant Gyroplanes.

Mentone International Convention 2004

Flight into Lunken Field airport (Cincinnati)




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"Rotors... The only way to fly"

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