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Mentone Convention

Welcome!Gyroplanes are fun, exciting and safe. Take an introductory lesson this weekend !




Information for those attending the

PRA International Convention,

Mentone Indiana.



A  Admissions, Entrance, Information

B PRA Office, Memberships, Help, Information

C AvGas, Fueling

D Gyroplane Vendors, Demo Ride Registrations

E Cantina, PRA Concession, Shaded Tables.

F Mobile Office, Pilot Briefings, Seminars, PRA Meetings

G Flight Line Viewing Area, Operations Viewing

H Vendors

I   Hangars, Swap Meet, Tower

J Restrooms, Showers

K PRA Rotorcraft Museum, Swap Meet, PRA Merchandise

L Flight Line Viewing Area, Contest Registration, Gyro Tie Down

M Helicopter Vendors, Helicopter Tie Down, Helicopter Operations

N Fixed Wing Tie Down

O Parking, Camping, Swap Meet, Flight Viewing Area

Tips / Info / Advise

Visit the Official PRA Web Site: www.pra.org

Mentone info page: https://www.pra.org/index.php?module=announce&ANN_user_op=view&ANN_id=18


DON'T BE SHY. Walk up and introduce yourself to fellow enthusiasts.

The flight line and the Cantina are a great place to converse.


Bring folding chairs, Sun block, Shade, Binoculars, Cameras, Baseball Caps and "Mole Skins" (product is made by Dr. Scholls).

Sign up for Demo Rides as early as possible, keep in touch with ride coordinators.


If you are a pilot and plan to fly in the local airspace contact the

PRA before the convention to make sure you have met air show requirements.


All pilots must attend pilot briefing every morning or you can not fly in the designated zones.

The FAA requires the PRA to register pilots and proof of competency for flying at the "Air Show".

Please contact the PRA in advance to make sure you have the required paperwork.


Check with PRA about trips to the helicopter museum (Bell Helicopter) in Mentone.

Purchase banquet tickets early.

Stay away from the active flight line, do not cross the ropes.

Most vendors leave Saturday night and early Sunday, plan to visit vendors on Friday and Saturday.

Purchasing food at the Cantina supports the PRA

Buy a PRA Mentone Programme for Seminar Times and Important event info.

To buy AD space in the 05 Mentone Programme contact Tom Milton or Greg Gremminger.

Contact PRA office to volunteer help.

Golf carts, scooters and mopeds are great for getting around the airport.

Do not touch any aircraft or equipment without permission from the owner.

Airport Communications

CTAF:  122.9

Please be courteous of the airport neighbors.

The houses adjacent to the airport are privately owned and should not have their land trespassed on or be flown over low.


Bring your log book or buy one. Demo ride time counts a Duel Training for FAA requirements!


Shade tents can be setup near the flight line, bring-em if you can.


Super 8:  

209 McDonald Dr.
Rochester, IN, 46975 US

3014 Frontage Road
Warsaw, IN, 46580 US

Reservations: www.super8.com

Comfort Inn Rochester

289 McDonald Dr.,  Rochester, IN  46975-8029  |  Map
12.6 Miles Southwest of Mentone (City Center)

Hampton Inn & Suites Warsaw

3328 East Center Street,  Warsaw, IN  46580  |  Map
12.8 Miles East of Mentone (City Center)

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites WARSAW

3825 LAKE CITY HWY,  Warsaw, IN  46580  |  Map
12.4 Miles East of Mentone (City Center)

Ramada Plaza Hotel Warsaw

2519 E. Center Street,  Warsaw, IN  46580  |  Map
12 Miles East of Mentone (City Center)


Additional Reference Maps:




New Visitors Pictorial Guide to the PRA International Convention at Mentone Indiana.

This is the GYRO shop in Mentone. I never see any aircraft there though...

This is the Mentone Tower. If you have bad cell phone reception you might ask them if you can come up and call from the tower.

The hangars offer a dry refuge during bad weather

If you are going to fly around the airport you will need to register with the PRA as per FAA regs

Pilot briefings and meetings are held in the moble office

The town of Mentone has hardware stores and is the egg capital of the world.

Mentone Airport. flyzones on the left and right over the corn fields

The flight line is a great place to obsurve the flying aircraft

Don't cross the ropes of the flight line.

Sign up for Demo rides and info at the vendor tents.

T-Shirt and aircraft 'stuff' vendors help support the convention

Sign up for contests and judgeings at flight line tent

Swap meet stuff can be found in many places, like the hangers

The helicopter flight line grows every year. It is a short walk from the runway flight line.

Fixed wings tie down and park at one of the runways ends. Please don't touch other people aircraft with out permission

Some cool FW's fly in to attend

Swap meet stuff can also be found in the parking and camping areas

Subaru engines for sale near the hangars

Registration Tent. Here is where to pay admission

PRA Office inside

This is the PRA office. Go here for memberships, help and questions

Vendor tents along the flightline

The workshop in the back of the Museum can sometimes help with an emergency repair

Rotorcraft Museum

Don't forget to buy PRA Shirts, hats and merchandise!

Part of the Rotorcraft Museum

Award Banquet is not to be missed!






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