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Opening of the Harold F. Pitcairn Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum

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Offical Museum Web Page

Another good article can be found here: CLICK


Articles by Tim O'Connor

EAA Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft, December 2004

Intro and update for Sport Pilots


Rotorcraft Articles

Article: How to keep your airport gyroplane friendly

Article: Mentone Convention 2004

Article: Bensen Days 2004


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2003 Newsletters, PRA Chapter 34

2003 September Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

2003 October Page 1, Page 2

2003 November Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

2003 December --Missing--

2004 Newsletters, PRA Chapter 34

2004 January  --Missing--

2004 February --Missing--

2004 March  Page 1

2004 April Page 1, Page 2

2004 May Page 1, Page 2

2004 June Page 1, Page 2

2004 July Page 1, Page 2

2004 August  Page 1, Page 2

2004 September --Missing--

2004 October  Page 1, Page 2

2004 November Page 1, Page 2

2004 December  Page 1

2005 Newsletters, PRA Chapter 34

2005 January  Page 1

2005 February  Page 1

2005 March



Articles by Greg Gremminger

The following information is written by Greg Gremminger and taken from the www.magnigyro.com web site.

NEW   Glossary of Gyroplane Terms 
Why are Magni Rotors so Smooth? 
(.doc format, click here)
Why are Magni Gyroplanes so Stable? 
(.doc format, click here)

- Articles -

Gyroplane Stability Misconceptions
by Greg Gremminger
NEW Homebuilt Rotorcraft
To be published, late 2003
"New Generation" of Gyroplanes
Greg Gremminger
NEW EAA Experimenter
To be published, late 2003
Building the Magni M-16
by Lee Blazejewski
February, 2002
Advice for Aspiring Gyro Pilots
by Lee Blazejewski
February, 2002
Six Days and Five Nights 
by Lilo Steffen  A Cross Country Journey
September, 2002
The articles below appeared in the PRA Rotorcraft magazine and address gyro safety, control, stability, training and experience issues that are critical to the safe advancement of our sport.
Magni Thrustline - High?
(A common question!)
NEW To be published
Popular misperceptions
Gyros Can Handle High Winds!
A Cultural Paradigm!
 September, 2003 
Not always true!
Pitch Dampeners for Gyroplanes
February,  2003
What and why needed

Thrustlines and Horizontal Stabilizers

August,  2003
What's right and how to tell
Aviation Decision Making for Gyros March, 2003
ADM will save lives!  IMPORTANT- Please read!
Our Personal Gyro 
Safety Envelope, Part 1
December, 1999
Prologue / Introduction
Our Personal Gyro 
Safety Envelope, Part 2
February, 2000
Stability, Maneuverability, 
Our Personal Gyro 
Safety Envelope, Part 3
April, 2000
Static Moments
Our Personal Gyro 
Safety Envelope, Part 4
May, 2000
Static and Dynamic Stability
Our Personal Gyro 
Safety Envelope, Part 5
June, 2000
Stability Tools and Assessing Gyro Stability
Why Rotors Instead of Wings June 1999
Wind, Energy Storage, Control, Slow Flight, Vert Descents, Glide
Dead Stop Landings 1998
Advantages of a gyroplane - Rotor Energy Storage



FAA Rotorcraft Handbook

( the version you buy is easier to read then this download)

Rotorcraft Handbook Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format


Jules Verne, Clipper of the Clouds

( First Science Fiction Rotorcraft?)



How to Test Fly Aircraft by the FAA


FAA Guidelines on becoming a repairman



Information on the Aero Crossflow Redrive ( PSRU ) for the EJ22 and other engines.



The J2 Gyroplane Manual (pdf)





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Another Excellent Flyer from PRA Chapter 30



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