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Planning on BUYING a gyroplane or kit?



Most gyroplane vendors are good honest people however unfortunately from time to time people have been burned.

The Major Gyroplane Manufacturers have good reputations in our business. They might not always get everything right but they will make thing right for you. The following major vendors have done satisfactory business transactions with PRA Chapter 34 members or associates and are highly recommended:

Rotor Flight Dynamics

Air Command


Ken Brock Gyroplanes

Little Wing Autogyros

Groen Brothers Aviation


It is not the purpose of this site to be an industry watch dog but for the health of the sport we strongly encourage you to follow the following guidelines:


Purchasing Guidelines


Before you purchase a new gyroplane or gyroplane kit follow the following steps:


1. Ask these questions of the vendor:

                                1. how many FLYING gyroplanes/(kits) of this model are there?

                                2. Can you put me in contact with some of your customers that are currently flying your gyroplane?

                                3. Can you give me in writing your customer service guidelines and return policy before the sale?

                                4. How long will you be supporting this model?


2. Ask these questions of other people:

                                1. Ask your ( or a PRA approved ) CFI or BFI if they have any knowledge of this model and company.

                                2. Ask your ( or a PRA approved ) CFI or BFI if they are willing to train you on how to fly this gyroplane.

                                3. Ask your local PRA Chapter members, Internet Forum members and or other gyro pilots if they have ever done business with this company or flown their gyroplanes.


3. Do this research:

                                1. Check Gyro fly-ins ( Mentone, Bensen Days, ROC, ect ) and see if these machines are being flown and if the manufacturer is being represented there.

                                2. Check with the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) to see if any complaints have been lodged against this company.

                                3. Check public records sites for the county and state where the manufacturer is located for lawsuits and judgments.

                                4. Do an internet search on the company name and gyro model as keywords. Read what other owners have said.



Gyro, Helicopter or Fixed wing you should always follow these guidelines before making a purchase!










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